What is mountain running?

The Mountain Running is popular worldwide sport and industry of athletics. Previously the definition of athletics included Track races, Cross Country races, Road races and Walking.

In 2002, after the successful event entitled ‘The World Cup’ which was created by the 1985 World Mountain Running (WMRA) which attracts athletes from more than 30 countries, the plenary of the IAAF add Mountain Running to the definition of Athletics (rule 1 of the IAAF).

The World Federation of Classic Athletics (IAAF) recognizes the WMRA as a control body for the international mountain running races.

Mountain Running Routes

Mountain races are a countless variety of distances, gradients – ascent/descent and terrain, and this is what makes the sport so exciting. There are trails for every age group and skill level.

Mountain running races cover the entire range of distances and degree of difficulty , from short 15 minute sprint to long and arduous journeys to mountain trails.

Many races in alpine regions are taking place in ski resorts, which offer amenities and facilities for high altitude and lifts for the descent. Here, the races begin in the middle of the ski resort and finish at an altitude – they are known as exclusive uphill races.

In many other areas, the interest of the event focused on a mountain village or small town which is the starting and the finishing point of the race. There are usually no benefits at these altitude – they are known as uphill and downhill races. These races often consist of more than one rounds and they are particularly suitable for areas with low mountains or hills more correctly.

There are also races that contain large downhills, however their end is at an altitude – it is a combination of the two races.

All mountain running races are in a territory with varying morphology, usually are used established hiking trails. The route is signposted that all competitors follow the same path.

How one becomes a mountain runner?

By itself, the term ” mountain runner ” like the thought to go running οn the mountains, must repel many runners who could be distinguished in this sport and discover a great sporting experience.

Our sport is an endurance sport, and just as any other endurance races, from 10 km to the marathon, requires endurance and speed simultaneously. Of course there are other many factors to take into account.

One of them is the environment and how much it affects the enjoyment of your running. It plays an important role, if you are moved by nature and if you love the mountains and the mountain scenery. Tired of pounding for kilometers on the hard asphalt? Tired of running laps and laps of 400 m? Tired of the constant pressure to achieve a personal record? If so, then perhaps mountain running is or may be your sport .

Another factor is your dwelling. If you live in the city center, maybe the conventional distance running is the most practical solution. If you live in a flat area of the country, training for mountain running races may be difficult. If you live near hills or mountains, or if you frequently visit them, the areas you have to workout really give you the opportunity to prepare for mountain running.

Preparing to become a mountain runner requires the same kind of training that you would for any other endurance sport, with some additions. We believe that athletes of ski cross (cross country ski) excel in mountain running because they have developed the right kind of muscle strength and cardiovascular capacity.

To develop the right type of muscular force needed to jump, say from the marathon into mountain running, you must include in your coaching program running uphill and downhill. If you attempt to run a mountain race, that includes descents without done special preparation, it’s like you looking for injuries. Not only do your muscles need special coordination for the descent, but your reflexes should be ready to the changing terrain. If you attempt to run a mountain climbing race, based on your experience at ground level, you will soon abandon your aspirations for speed.

The term “mountain running” is surrounded by a false consensus, because we automatically comes to mind the image that should run the Matterhorn or another high mountain. In fact, there are test “mountain races” that are taking place at hills not higher than 200 meters. Often we are in a difficult situation to describe the difference between the Cross Country Running and Mountain Running. This is due to the fact that the boundaries between them are blurred. But we can say the following: Mountain running includes a large number of ups and downs, a lot more than we could observe at a cross-country race.

Certainly there are mountain running races that suit your temperament and abilities, so why not arrange an escape? Find a mountain running race in your area and find out what it is …

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