Sakoulevas Run Description


After the start from New Park, we continue on Makedonomachon Av., towards the center of the town. We pass the small cyclical junction and continue to Arianou Str., and passing in front of the statue of the bear, we turn right and go up the stairs leading in front of Dioikitirio building and continue left to the parking exit. We ascend Achilleos Str., until we reach the steep stairs. We climb the stairs and turn left, running on the wide sidewalk.

In the next street, turn left and a slight downhill brings us in front of the Monument of the Russian Soldier. We run the semicircle and continue on Grevenwn Str., which after a slight downhill becomes Kiutachias Str. Arriving at the intersection with the Karaviti Str., we turn left and start descend. Caution on steep downhill!

Arriving just before the Folklore Museum, we turn left into Prespwn Str., left in Kontogouris Str., and immediately right into Sotiriou Str., to move ahead of Piraeus Bank and reach the public market. There we cross the Municipal Gallery and immerge ahead of the Bellis’s store. Turning back, we reach Tagmatarchou Fouledaki Str., cross the M. Alexander Str., vertically and step on the paved street.

Reaching the Museum of Modern Art, we turn left and pass over the courtyard of St. Panteleimonas to get to the river. Turning right, we follow the paved road, running now beside the river Sakoulevas.

We continue on the paved road, we run behind the Town Hall and the Courts and at 300 m., we reach the Heroes Square. We go over the bridge to the other side and continue now in the opposite direction, towards the city centre.

At the height of the Courts, we step again the paved road that brings us after a while besides the F.S.F. Aristotle building and continue along the river. The slopes are finished and the rest of the route is virtually flat. We pass St. Panteleimonas, which is located at the opposite side of the river, we reach at the 2nd Primary School and continue. Shortly after the School Square, we turn left and run over the small bridge to the other side of the river.

Again we run on paved road, passing in front of Mikel cafe, and turn right at the first alley, which will bring us on Modi Square, the main square of Florina. We cross the street and already run over the pedestrian street with the cafeterias. In the end of that, we find the Sarantaporou Str., turn left, another 200 m., and step on New Park, running to the finish line.

Good luck to everyone

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